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Aloe vera plant division propagation
Aloe general growth 2 ~ 3 years, from the underground stem or stem node tillers produce new plants, when such plants grow to 5 ~ 10cm high can be cut down and reproduction. Rooting better height can be directly separated and plant, cut to staggered and aging of root, stick into the pot or a special bed can be, if a larger wound root, the wound slightly dry (a cool dark place) before into the soil, or prone to decay. To give birth to stem the line, often can not form a good root, can be and the plant after the separation, will cut off the site in a cool ventilated place to dry for 2 to 3 days, and then can be inserted into a flower pot or seedbed. Sub lines don't means too deep, 1 ~ 2cm on it. Enter sub-strains, without water, because the aloe can absorb the moisture in the air from leaf, soil and water easily lead to the decay phenomenon. But in the air increases certain humidity is necessary, so it can be affixed with plastic shed, to keep the air moist. During the cutting temperature should be controlled at day 30 , 5 at night. 20 ~ 30 days can grow 3 ~ 4 root, length of about 5cm.