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A perennial Asteraceae herbaceous plants, the whole plant densely pilose, leaves every three round, triangular, like leaves in cucumber leaves, hence the name of cineraria. Its bright colors, rich color, is very rare blue flowers; and long flowering period, blossom time is about 6 months long, is the new year's day, Spring Festival, "five one" Labor Day holiday ideal potted flower, is representative of flowers in winter and spring. But to cultivate good plant type, leaf color beautiful blossom, long a potted flower, also not easy, we must grasp the following key technical measures of cultivation of cineraria.

Sowing time: generally choose the middle of August. Cineraria likes the cool climate, not resistant to heat, moderate growth temperature was 15 ~ 20 degrees. Should the seeding box in arbours below, or put in the shade; if using furrow sowing, then we must shed in WOW soil above, in order to reduce the radiant heat of the sun.

Seedling moisture control: is mainly to reduce the seedbed temperature by spraying mist, and water supply seedlings. Spraying principle is wet enough, can't let the seedbed soil dry, also cannot let the seedbed soil humidity. It is difficult to restore the dry seedling wilting, wet and seedling is high temperature, easy to root decline, leading to the low survival rate of seedlings.

Cultivation of soil preparation: cineraria likes the humus - rich and well-drained sandy soil, PH 6.5 - 7.5 more appropriate. Preparation for sowing cultivation soil must be paid attention to when there will be no pollution of rotten leaf soil or ash pure loess and sand people, according to 3:1:1 mix after the screening, and do not put any fertilizer, thus formulated culture soil in favor of seed germination and growth. Culture soil sticky without drying, if slightly dry, will put the seedling root fracture, leading to decreased survival and seedling death. Cultivation of the soil after sowing seedlings and in soil were the same, Lian zhuang. Cultivation of the soil on the basin of uniform put bean cake, bone or calcium superphosphate as basal fertilizer, or the use of manure, Tu Hui, garden soil, sand, oil cake, according to 3:2:2:1:1 proportion culture soil, to ensure adequate supply of nutrients. Manure must be retted composted and dried in the sun, cake must shatter, and fully mixing and sieving can be used as a soil culture colonization.

Pay attention to control temperature: cineraria hi cool climate, winter cold summer heat bogey, bogey. And the winter with greenhouse cultivation, it must be more than 10 degrees, often keep the room temperature 15 degrees, to grow well; the summer to sowing box in arbours below, or a good seeding furrow in arbours below, and in the morning or in the afternoon before 10:00; 5:00 after watering is appropriate, avoid water at noon, in order to make the seedlings of high temperature period smoothly.

Winter attention to control humidity: a high requirement to the humidity, to grow well. In winter the humidity is moderate, is a successful key cultivation. Too dry, easy to make the cineraria leaves often in wilted condition, is not conducive to the growth of leaves, the leaves yellow, also easy to produce red mites and aphids. Too much water, indoor humidity is too high, easy to root, stem, leaf decay, but also easy to produce aphid; if the temperature is too high, the ventilation is not good, easy to produce powdery mildew.

Controlling aphids and red spiders: first sewing is to maintain proper temperature and humidity, maintain good ventilation. The second is in the early stages of the disease to discover, the insect pests of planting and early separately, on plant pest pesticide spraying has little to. For aphids and red spider harm is serious, can be 2000 times of Rogor diluted spray to kill. Starscream a occurs in the back of the leaves, the top and the aphids generally occurs in a young removed, spray to the top leaf blade abaxially and plant as the focus, face of blade should be appropriate.