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Cultivation and maintenance of powder palm

Pink palm, alias: Anthurium anthurium. Araceae anthurium. The origin of the South American rain forests, with the improvement of economic level, pink palm applications as a high-grade flowers good. Pink palm flowers unique, spathe brightly beautiful, rich colors, colorful, and long flowering period, hydroponic single flowers flowering of up to 2 - 4 months. There is a great development prospects of the famous flower. Morphological characteristics: epiphytic evergreen herbaceous perennial flowers. Plant height is 1 meters, internodes short. Ye Zigen stem extract, long stipitate, solitary, oblong ovate or ovoid, dark green, glossy. Flower buds from taking the axil, erect to spathe, leathery, round shape oval, pink or scarlet. The mutant varieties of spathe white, greenish white, with five color and seven varieties of fine red edge, extremely rich change. Spadix sessile, terete, erect to decumbent, slightly. Flowers bisexual, with four lobes of perianth, stamens 4, ovarian 2 rooms, with 1 to 2 ovules per locule. Small berries with seeds of 2 - 4, pink, dense on the spadix.

[temperature] the optimum growth temperature was 20-28 , the highest temperature is over 35 , the minimum temperature of 14 , below 10 produced at any time the damage may.

Cultivation and management

[] the most suitable humidity air relative humidity is 70-80%, should not be less than 50%.

[light] the most suitable light intensity was 10000-20000Lux. Location: indoor potted plants should be placed in a certain light bright, be careful not to pink palm in strong sunlight environment.

Conservation points:

1, the good control of the temperature. The summer should take measures to room temperature to 35 , winter indoor temperature less than 12 DEG C, can use a plastic bag, business incubator and other methods to improve room temperature.

2, keep the air humidity is relatively high, it is indoor maintenance key, must take measures to improve the pink palm air humidity place environment, the foliar spray (note must ensure that foliar night without water) method.

3, keep the surface clean.

4, an adequate supply of water. Spring, autumn is generally every 3 days of pouring water time, such as high temperature, dry and wet as matrix inside the basin can be 2-3 day irrigates water a. In summer 2 days of pouring water time, high temperature can be watered every winter, general every 5-7 day irrigates water a. Fertilizer Recommendations applying fertilizer, fertilizer can be used NPK1:1:1, N concentration is more than 0.2%, fertilizer should pay attention to Mg, S, Ca and B, Mo, Cu, Zn and other elements of the supply, or directly use the pink palm special fertilizer.