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The longevity flower several treatment

Also called Christmas Kalanchoe blossfeldiana, the longevity flower, is a perennial succulent family succulents, is a dwarf character strong horticultural hybrid varieties. The longevity flower color, deep rose red, pink, orange, red and yellow. Flowering from 12 at the end of the month to the end of 4, up to April years, welcomed by the vast number of consumers.

The longevity flower like loose fertile, well-drained sandy loam, with 1:1 peat and perlite mixture suitable cultivation soil, matrix pH value between 5.8 to 6.5.

The longevity flower sexual hi warm, the optimum growth temperature was 20 to 28 , the day should not exceed 30 , the night is not lower than 18 , the temperature is too high or too low will terminate its normal growth. The winter temperature is below 8 , leaves turn red, delay flowering.

In 60% to 70% of full sunlight or light grows well under. Hot summer, the appropriate shade, but insufficient light easy to plant growth, branches slender, thin and small leaves. The light is insufficient effect of flower bud differentiation, reduced the numbers of flowers.

The longevity flower for succulents, don't like too much water, the best water before noon, night blade must be kept dry. Water quality requirements for the EC value higher than 0.75, and pH value of about 6.5, not more than 140ppm of salt content.

Several treatment on the growth of:

1 negative temperature difference between day and night. Normal temperature on flower longevity has little effect on the growth of. When the negative temperature difference between day and night is over 3 , will promote the branch growth, and form a compact plant type, but the prolonged growth period (a reduction of 1 growth period was extended for 1 weeks).

2 light. The longevity flower is a typical short-day plant, under short-day conditions, the light treatment, the plants will branch more growth, more substantial, can obtain the goods of high quality flowers. And short-day conditions can offset the negative temperature difference between day and night lighting effects on plant growth period. According to the different amount of light, the growth of the plant has the very big difference, the light intensity treatment range is from 5000lux to 9000lux, 5000lux requires at least, 7500lux is better.

3 humidity. Summer 24 hours using different humidity, can obtain better quality of compact plant type, plant. 65% to 70% of the humidity during the day, and 85% to 90% night humidity on plant (varieties of minimal effect has great influence on the humidity sensitivity). When the temperature goes down to 45% to 50% and up to 90% or more, the plant will spindling. Therefore, humidity should be stable in the 70% to 90% range.