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Maintenance and management of Bougainvillea

Management points

1 Temperature

The optimum growth temperature of 15-30 degrees Celsius, in which 5-9 month of 19-30 degrees Celsius, October - April 13-16 degrees Celsius, in summer. The high temperature of 35 degrees Celsius, the temperature exceeded 35 degrees Celsius above, should be appropriately shading or to take water, ventilation and other measures, the winter should be maintained not lower than 5 degrees Celsius environment temperature, otherwise the following long-term temperature of 5 degrees Celsius, cold easily leaves.

Triangle flowers to a temperature above 15 degrees Celsius, to extend the flowering period, should be promptly moved into the room in the winter before the arrival in the cold, sunny place, maintain high ambient temperature (in the new year's day, Spring Festival can be continued to blossom between)

2 light

Triangular flower is fond of light, is a positive flower, growing season light deficiency will lead to weak influence plant growth, bud and blossom, therefore, throughout the year except the new pot seedlings should be put in the banyin. Winter should be placed in the south to the window, and the illumination time of not less than 8 hours, otherwise easy to appear a large number of leaves. Short-day plant, every light time control in about 9 hours, can be in one and a half months after squaring blossom.

3 water

Age two season should be watered every day one time, summer can be a water a day sooner or later each casting, low winter temperatures, plants are dormant, should control water, to keep the soil is moist state is appropriate. The growing season of potted appropriate control of water, can promote the flower bud differentiation; 6-7 the flowers in a vigorous growth period, according to different varieties, appropriate control of water 2-3 times (to shoot and leaf were wilting degree), daily to the leaf spray 1-2 times, 2-3 days after pouring water (to the pelvic floor outflow of water.) so repeated water several times, can effectively contribute to the differentiation of flower bud, flower buds appear every day sooner or later each watering once, at the same time to the foliage spraying 1-2 times, until the blossom, water intolerance, the rainy season to prevent water from plant root rot of death.

4 Soil

Triangular flower is fond of loose soil, acidic fertile avoid waterlogging, potted when available rotten leaf soil, peat soil, sandy soil, garden soil a cake, and add a small amount of maturity as base fertilizer, mixing culture soil. Blossom plant once a year over the basin soil replacement, time in early spring before germinating as well, when changing a basin cut with scissors to density and aging branches.

5 fertilizer

In addition to apply sufficient base fertilizer in soil in the growth season, should also be dressing. Along with the changes, according to the size of each pot plants, applying 10-15 fertilizer, topdressing 1 times after each half thin cake of water, add 0.1 of potassium dihydrogen phosphate, can accelerate its growth, and promote the differentiation of flower buds, available bud modified with phosphorus and potassium, the fertilizer, can be added a small amount of potassium dihydrogen phosphate in the thin cake of water, at the same time to foliar application of 0.1% -0.2% of potassium dihydrogen phosphate solution, flowering watering 1 times weekly alum fertilizer, foliar application of 0.2 of potassium dihydrogen phosphate.

Be careful.

The 1 summer and winter because of slow growth or dormant, should stop fertilization, lest cause fertilizer.

2 do not apply thick fertilizer or manure (without organic fertilizer fully matured) in order to prevent root damage, leading to leaf scorch off, even the whole plant death.

Pest control:

The 1 spot: lesion early brown, with yellowish green halo around, after expansion into a nearly round or irregular spots, dark brown edge, at a later stage, lesion appeared on the black dots.

Method of prevention and cure: small lesion can be applied miconazole cream on top, the incidence more branches cut off, the early onset of carbendazim generally available 50 WP 500 times liquid and spray 1 times, every 7-10 days, serious according to practical experience, on the fourth day spray one more time 7 days later, after a jet. 3-4 continuous time, good control effect.

The 2 spot: damage the leaves, brown to light brown spot diameter of 0.1-0.5 cm in the leaf.

Method of prevention and cure: found a small amount of leaf timely removal of burn, early onset, WP 400 times liquid with Mn 70 Sen zinc, spray once every 10 days, for 3 to 4 times.

3 scale: in the light of the adverse environment, poor ventilation, high temperature and high humidity, susceptible to a variety of scale insect piercing-sucking pest.

Method of prevention and cure: malathion EC 1000 times liquid spray can be used 45 kill.