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Begonia semperflorens

Begonia is very sensitive to the sun, one into the summer, that is to adjust the illumination time, creating adapt their growth environment. By the middle of May to early June 10 ~ 16 and the middle of June to late August 8 ~ 18, to shading treatment on the. Indoor cultivation of plants, should be placed in a scattering light and airy place, evening need to open windows, ventilation.

Moderate watering

Begonia semperflorens like a moist environment, but in the hot summer in pot soil slightly moist. Not a day watering water several times or days once poured, and should always pay attention to moisture status of the soil, soil can see white water, the water should not be too much. Watering time with 9 front and rear as well, as far as possible, do not be poured, irrigate irrigate fully, but also can not completely dry before watering.

Classification of fertilization

The summer fertilization of Begonia semperflorens, according to the new and old plant to treat. Last year autumn breeding new strains, but some maturity thin cake fertilizer in each crop fertilizer after flowering, than to 1:5 is appropriate, 1 times a week, even two times, two week hind can blossom again. Perennial old line or weak growth plant, when the temperature over 25 , the need to stop fertilization, stay days after fertilization to usher in the second row, blossom season.

Cooling and humidification

Summer high temperatures, dry air, in addition to the shading and ventilation of Begonia semperflorens, also many times a day to plant the surrounding ground water, in order to reduce the temperature, air humidity is increased. Conditional family, can be arranged in a corner of the sand bed balcony or courtyard corner, the plant is put down into the sand bed in the sand or, in water the plants will also sprinkle wet sand, such, can play the cooling and humidifying effect better.

Pest control

Dark brown spots appear at first on the foliage, and gradually spread to dark brown color stripes. Before the onset of available equivalent type Bordeaux spray prevention, and pay attention to improve the cultivation and management method. Early onset should be removed to prevent disease leaf burn, again spread. Summer is the peak period of aphids and red spiders, must promptly with pollution-free pesticides to control.

With the blossom of the suitable temperature for 23 growth of Begonia semperflorens, environment be fond of half shade, cool and ventilated summer, avoid high temperature, waterlogging and direct sunlight. In the summer of maintenance, we should follow the "temper" go.